Apitherapy, is a discipline that is studied within the so called alternative medicine, health care and the treatment and cure of illnesses by consuming and applying the bees´ products, such as: honey, pollen, Royal Jelly, propolis, bees‘wax and bees’ venom.

The propolis from the bees is one of the most valuable Apia products. During the last years it has awakened the interest of chemists, doctors and natural therapists. Since ancient times, man has observed that the bees covered intruders that entered their hives (rats, frogs, etc.) with a resin type substance after killing them. The cadavers did not decompose and were mummified as the years passed.

With the propolis the bee population avoided the stench and the bacteria produced by putrefaction. The bees collect the propolis from the flowers, enriched with diverse ferments and by products from the bees’ gastric juices. They collect it from the resin of yolks, the surface of fruits and the cortex of plant stems.

After bringing the propolis in the recipients on their back legs, the bees deliver the substance to other bees, who in turn line the cells with it where the queen is going to deposit her eggs. This way they carry out an antimicrobial prophylaxis that insures the lives of the future generations.

The properties of Propolis.

The product of the hive is well valued throughout the world due to its immune stimulant, antitoxic, anesthetic, antioxidant, bacteriostatic, bactericide, antiseptic and healing properties. Throughout the world it has been studied by the scientific community which has discovered that propolis has surprising therapeutic qualities.

Biological activity:

  • It has extraordinary antioxidant properties.
  • It is a first order immune stimulant, since it stimulates the specific and the nonspecific factors of immunity.
  • Taken orally or internally, it strengthens the metabolism and elevates the body´s resistance to the action of the unfavorable factors of the environment.
  • It has a phyto inhibitor and antifungal effect.
  • It possesses an antibacterial action with an ample spectrum
  • Its antiviral action includes; the herpes virus, the polio virus, the A and B cold virus, among others.
  • It regenerates the tissues (it is the best healer that exists, superior to aloe Vera, polivinil (pirrilidona) iodine, red mercury oxide, chloramphenicol and others.
  • It increases the production of antibodies.
  • Thanks to the flavonoids that are present in propolis, its collagen is protected from free radicals.

Propolis contains more than 160 identified components; flavones, flavanols, flavanones, monoterpenes, hex-terpenes, triterpenes, sterols, vitamins and other components, such as: resins, aromatic balsams, essential oils and others.

How should Propolis be consumed?

Propolis can be consumed daily as part of our daily diet. A dosage of 10 drops of Propolis extract in a small amount of natural water.

Is recommended for adults and 5 drops twice a day for children. This dosage is to strengthen the immune system and avoid illnesses due to infections.

Adults may take Propolis alone, without water, in cases of persistent infections, such as, infections of the tonsils, of the adenoids, laryngitis, bronchitis, etc. taking dosages of two to five drops directly on the tongue. For children it is recommended that it always be taken dissolved in water.

In cases of an infectious or viral illness a double doses is recommended; 10 drops of the Propolis extract in a small amount of natural water, four times a day, until an improvement is felt. For children give half the amount diluted in warm water.

If it is taken mixed with honey, it is recommended that adults take two tablespoons a day and children two teaspoons per day. The dose should be doubled in cases of infectious or viral illnesses.

Consuming Propolis daily helps us fight aggressions of the environment, will strengthen our immune system, and we will observe that colds and respiratory illnesses are less frequent.

How can we take advantage of Propolis in its different presentations?

Propolis Extract:

As a natural auxiliary in cases of; colds, laryngitis, cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, swollen tonsils, gastritis, colitis, dermatitis caused by fungus, wounds, scratches, etc. Take 10 drops in a small amount of water three or four times a day.

It can be taken directly on the tongue, 5 to 10 drops two to four times a day, in cases of resistant bacterial infections.

When a cold is just starting, it is very effective to take Propolis every hour, until you start to feel better. Scientific studies have proven that Propolis shortens the life of the cold virus.

Propolis Extract with mint

For all the above mentioned cases, plus digestive problems, such as, bad breath, colitis, gastritis, cold sores, herpes labialis and it is also ideal for smokers. This presentation comes with an atomizer and is easy to apply.

Propolis with honey:

It is excellent as an auxiliary for a cough, bronchitis, a cold, stomach inflammation, gastritis, colitis, infant lack of appetite, a weak immune system, constant colds, bronchial asthma; applied topically it is good for surgical wounds, such as appendectomies, cesarean sections, or any other post-op wounds. It regenerates and heals avoiding infections due to the properties of the honey and the propolis.
Regenera y cicatriza evitando infecciones por las propiedades de la miel y el propóleo

Tia Trini´s Expectorant cough syrup: It is the first product that Tia Trini elaborated and it is the company´s favorite.

Its original and natural formula for: a dry cough, a cough with phlegm, asthmatic bronchitis, laryngitis, a smoker´s cough and many other respiratory problems.

Take one tablespoon every two hours in case of a persistent cough, and space the dosage as you start to feel better.

Give children, one teaspoon every three hours. Propolis Ointment. It is ideal for cases of: burns, wounds, scratches, dermatitis, sun burns, skin acne, prematurely aged skin. It nourishes the skin due to the Vitamin A in the bee´s wax that this cream contains.

Lollipops and hard candy made with: Propolis, honey and mint.

They are ideal for throat irritations, coughs, bronchitis, laryngitis, and bad breath. Enjoy the sweetness of these lollipops and caramels that contain the properties of Propolis and bee´s honey.

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