Bees´ Wax

The therapeutic properties of bees´ wax has been known since ancient times. Avicena (980-1037, a wise Persian doctor), in his famous Canon of Medicine, cites a certain number of medical formulas that contain bees´ wax.

The pure wax forms the walls of the cells, in which the bees lay their eggs, grow their nymphs and store honey.

The natural distilled was is turned into a very powerful oil. This medicine is more a medicine of the gods than of simple mortal beings, since in the case of wounds or internal illnesses it produces true miracles. (D. Mohr 1707).

At present bees’ wax continues to have a foremost place in the preparation of medicine.

The wax has a color that goes from yellow to maroon and has a very aromatic scent. It contains several vitamins, especially Vitamin A. Every 100 g of bee´s wax contains 4.096 UI of said Vitamin; while the same amount of grams of beef only contains 60 UI. Reduced amounts of Propolis and pollen can also be found.

When using preparations that contain bees´ wax, the skin becomes soft and velvet like. The white wax is found in the composition of cleansing creams, astringent lotions, skin whiteners, as well as facial masks. It is an excellent substance that serves as a base for most of the natural cosmetics produced throughout the world.

It contains small amounts of melittin (a protein extracted from the bee venom). With time and multiple uses, the content of the pure wax from the panels lessens in favor of other substances, among which Propolis and pollen are found.

Chewing the wax and honey panels is, without a doubt, an irreplaceable remedy for cases of: sinusitis, asthma and Hay Fever. The people who suffer from these symptoms should chew it for 15 to 60 minutes, 1 tablespoon of the honeycomb cut from the top part of the cells full of honey.

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