ApiTherapy is a discipline that is studied (in alternative medicine) in health care and the treatment and the cure of illnesses by the consumption and the application of api products, such as: Honey, Propolis, pollen, Royal Jelly, bee´s wax, Drone Bee Larvae and the bee´s venom.

6000 years ago the Chinese recommended honey as a medication. The Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek, Hindu, Persian, Roman and other cultures, did not overlook the valuable properties of; honey, bee´s wax, Propolis and they even made preparations with ground bees.

Apitherapy is a type of therapy that cures naturally without causing damage, taking advantage of the products produced by that incredible insect, the bee.

It is a therapy that lets the body use its own defenses to combat illnesses.

In countries, such as, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Rumania, Germany, Spain, Russia, and others, people study all the bees’ products intensely and have therapeutic applications for all of them.

With this we see that man tries to rescue his environment and establish a better relationship with it by studying the laws of nature and give it peace and balance in exchange for taking better advantage of the natural resources it offers us.

The nobility of the bees’ products that have vibrational energy, when they enter the body: stimulate, balance and promote better health and convert Apitherapy into a viable health alternative for all humanity.

The bees´ products are: antioxidant, germicide, bactericide, fungicide, stimulants for the immune system, anti-inflammatory, help form scar tissue, energetic, nutritive, to only mention some of their therapeutic properties.

And far from having any side effects, they can be taken together with allopathic treatments to stimulate the immune system so that the patient does not become weak when taking antibiotics.

Saving the agricultural industries.

On the other hand, Apitherapy is a viable solution for our third world countries since it stimulates the Apia Culture, the agro-industries and everything that surrounds the health industries that also produce many jobs.

Throughout the world there is a great demand for all the Apia products.

Everything around the most beneficial and productive insect for humanity: The Bee, that just like human beings is in danger of becoming extinct due to global warming, insecticides, cellular phones – that disturb their system of orientation – and we are facing a problem of enormous proportions. If the bees disappear from the planet – as Einstein said – it will only be a question of a few years for man to disappear also. We must remember that the bees´ job is pollination, and thanks to them 80% of the fruits and flowers of the planet are pollinized for human consumption.

Albert Einstein´s affirmation is not absurd; the bees are the ones responsible for the pollination of almost everything we eat. Then we must take care of the bees and their products that are definitely a viable, economic and healthy alternative for all the health problems human beings suffer from at present. The Apia products are food and medicine and they also help us stay healthy and beautiful.